Puzzledom App Reviews

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Too Many Ads!!!!

Too Many Ads!!! There is an ad every three puzzles! But when I get bored, I depend on Puzzledom. Aka power outages, or I have nothing to do. Things can get tricky...

If you can only get one app, this is it

Love this! I get bored easily, and this offers so many options for me to challenge myself! Only complaint is I haven't figured out of there is a way to find out how to play certain games.

Too many ads.

Way too many ads and they’re all too long. The games are entertaining.

Great time passer

It’s a really good app. It’s great to pass the time and it’s fun trying to figure the puzzles out. I had it a while back and started to lose interest because I couldn’t pass some levels but I recently re downloaded it and I remembered why I enjoyed it to begin with. Very addicting, too!

Super Fun

Addicting and challenging

Too many ads

Ads like every five seconds, tone it down with the freaking ADS


Loved it so much

Too many ads

The app is fun but the constant ads are ignoring when I’m playing

Too many ads

They play ads after every game. If you decline the option to play the ad for points, the ad plays anyway.



Ads phooey!

I luv these games, but the Same ad is always coming on. I paid $1.99 to get rid of ads then when I changed games the ads came back - what a Rip Off!!!

Good but ads

I love this game and all the puzzles but there is one big problem-the over abundant ads. Every two puzzles you pass there is an "ad break" where you have to wait at least 8 seconds but I've had to wait 20 seconds before it even showed the x to X out of the ad. The game would be 5 star rated by me if it wasn't for the ads. There are so many other examples of overabundant ads but I think this first example is enough.


Loooove it. So many games! There are ads as others have mentioned, but I hardly even notice them - and for a FREE app to have so many games you have to expect some ads.

this app is the best

this app is def my fav app. there are so many different games and puzzles that keep me very entertained . I LOVE this app #obsessed


This game is awesome but there is a lot of ads

Very fun!

This app is so much fun! Lots of puzzles on one app! Highly recommend.

Good but

It’s a fun game but there are so many adds

It’s a great game

It’s a great game, but ever since their new update there has been a lot of ads after you pass a level. Over all it’s a great game.

Fun, but way too many ads

I enjoy the puzzles but just opening the app and playing 1 game level I had to see 4 ads. It’s too annoying if I spend more time watching ads than playing.

Love it 😍

I love this game there’s so much puzzles to play but I hate the “ad breaks” they come out of nowhere every five levels and plus nobody ends up buying them or whatever

Way way way too many ads

I play this a lot. And it's really fun! There are so many different games to play with the connection of coins. I would have given this a 5 star review, however there is one major flaw. Everytime I even so much as TOUCH my screen, a 30 second ad plays. I get that this is a free game and the dev has to make money somehow, but REALLY??? I've never seen any other game with so many ads. Just cut out about 4/5 of your ads and you can have a PLAYABLE game. Please.


The app itself is very amazing.Its a great way to pass time but there’s just too many ads in the games it’s impossible to do anything

Way too many ads

Game is fun but ads every few minutes gets very annoying and ruins the enjoyment of playing the game


Fun plus to much time to kill

“Watch a video for 25 coins”

I love Puzzledom- it’s my go to if I’m bored. However, with the most recent update, every 2-5 levels I play I get a pop up (from the app) to watch an ad to get more coins. The game already gives you coins for completing 10 levels, which is a good way to make sure people have enough for hints, but if I’m going through the easiest levels as a boredom reliever, I don’t want to be asked to watch a video and click out of the notification every 2 minutes. There used to be an out of the way button you can press 5 times every few hours/day (I forget exactly which it is) which worked perfectly with running out of hints. Please fix this for the next update.

Great, but...

There are too many ads in this unfortunately making me not want to continue the game. I’d appreciate it if you’d fixed it and make it less than 2 ads every 5-10 minutes. - Thanks


Since the latest update I can't play anymore. Every time I open it, it crashes instantly! :(

Was good

This was one of the best games to pass the time but now it’s full of adds great another game gone by adds >:(

I enjoy it

I believe it's good for the brain because it makes you think.

Really fun

I only play the plumber game and it’s really fun the only problem is the ads are really annoying. You have to deal with ads on other apps and games too but it just is a litte annoying. Besides that it is a fun game you should try it!

Amazing 😍❤️

I Live It It’s Like You Can Never Get Bored Thank You So Much!!💖

Good game, fair app

Love all the puzzles here, and therein is the problem. When I want to change from Connect to Plumber, there is no easy way to switch !

Fun Variety

This app provides a variety of games that utilize creative thinking.


👍🏻 good hame

Ads Spaming

Game is good but app spam with ads and videos.

Sooo many ads

Great puzzles if you can handle the massive volume of ads. Turn away from the game for 30 seconds, ad. Beat a level slowly, ad. Beat a few levels, ad. Switch game modes, ad. Plus a banner ad at all times.

If you like puzzles, here you go..

I love this app! When you get bored with one game, you move on to the next . And they’re all so fun. I definitely recommend

Amazing but...

It’s amazing and it’s fun and you can open a chest to get coins which is nice but the problem is every time you finish a puzzle and go on to the Next level there’s always a ad which is annoying when u need something to do and when y finish a level you which a ad which is ok there trying to make money but there’s to many like a couple ads is fine but it gets annoying other then that it’s fine!

This game is awesome!!

I’ve always wanted a puzzle game to play that didn’t cost money. This app is so addicting too! I keep thinking “ok one more puzzle” then four puzzles go by! Definitely recommend this app, it’s totally worth it!

Too many ads

This is a great app! You have so many games to play. The only downside is the ads. It takes me at most 30 secs to finish one level. After every level there’s an ad! The app asks me if I want to watch an ad for money, but then when I tap no, it plays an ad anyway and I don’t even get to have any money! It is really annoying and kind of ruins the app a little bit.

I love this game 🌟

I really like this game its so much fun but my only problem is that there are to many adds but other than that it’s my favorite game❤️💜🧡💛💚💙💝


I don’t know what to say bc this game is awesome!!! I love it lots of puzzles, winning coins, and just everything about it is incredible! Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ there is no other app like it!

Nonstop category

There are a lot of things to solve and so much fun


This game is awesome keeps me busy all the Time


OMG! This app is so much fun I love it and I cannot stop playing the game.


I thought it was a 4 star game, and to a point it still is. However, the second I put that number there i get ads every second, changing levels, going back in a move, changing games....its just too many ads. other than that, great game.

It’s fun...

It’s a fun game to play.... unlock different board when you play. So it’s a keeper for me...

awesome but too many adds!

i downloaded this game a long time ago, and it was amazing. The ads were reasonable, but the newest update is terrible! there’s a ad every minute! Also when i’m playing, something will pop out and saying, “Watch an ad for 25 coins?”. and that’s fine. but when I hit no, an ad pops up even though i said no! hit yes, because you’ll have to watch an ad whatever you do. it’s still awesome. it helps me when I’m bored, and it’s just plain awesome. i would continue to enjoy this game, even though the ads are bad.



Favorite game but..

Okay so I LOVE this game. But there’s an issue. The ads. When I first got it, there weren’t any ads at all. But now, there are constantly ads and about every 2 rounds of playing a level there is an ad. It’s honestly annoying and sometimes I don’t even want to play it anymore. Please take this into consideration and reduce the amount of ads please.

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