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If your like me you play alot of puzzle games, and Puzzledom is the best one I've played by far. It has a ton of puzzle games I already had, so I actually deleted a few of my puzzle games. This is a great game, and I highly recommend Puzzledom.😁😁😁


This game is so addictive


Love this! There’s endless puzzles to play and its very relaxing 👍🏾

The Game

Love it sooo much

Couples Therapy

This is a great game for couples. While one shops all day and talk to people that she has seen yesterday as if she hasn't seen them in years, this is a great game to sit down and relax to. Multiple games multiple joy one pain. The pain isn't the game.

Super Addicting, Can’t Stop Playing

It is honestly a stress reliever for me. I can go for hours without stoping to not play this game. I really enjoy the different types of games they give, and not just stick to one.

Love it!!!!!

You guys made a awesome game thank you so much now I’m really getting good at puzzles now two and there are no issues or mistakes in the game and almost everyone in my house has this game and could you make a drawing game like PicsArt? That would be great bye! 😁


I REALLY love this game and my favourite of the in-app games is Escape! However, I wish there were more levels of it as I have already completed them all.


Lots of fun. Each category has its challenges. Good for all ages too.


Possible measurement pumpkin I really like and make another app please can I really want to and make to hint a hand because I really want to play for

This is a good game for puzzle people 😀

This game is really good for anyone who like puzzles and Puzzledom also has so many puzzles almost any puzzle that you’re looking for will me there

Amaze app

It is a great app that helps with skills and I like how you can get more games or preview them and how the keep adding on to the few games. However, it doesn’t give you many coins or no coins at all to finish a puzzle in the game which upsets me so if the creators would fix that that would make the game pretty amazing game for all ages including me

Worth the purchase to remove ads

Very cool app for puzzle lovers I enjoy most of the puzzles and I suspect for every type I am not a fan of there are folks who would enjoy them greatly. I would recommend that the developers make one adjustment, Once a puzzle is solved it immediately closes. Most of the time I want to see the solution laid out and “mini celebrate “ before moving on, this is especially true for the more aesthetically pleasing puzzles, such as plumber and colours.


The ads in the app are ridiculous. The ad for Final Fantasy won’t close and I have to restart the game. Not worth playing if I keep having to do that


Puzzledom is very calming and relaxing and when your bored you can have hours of fun just by playing this game because there’s so many choices for you you to do if you don’t like one of levels chose a different one I like that that you can unlock different levels just by playing the other really fun ones and that’s why I love puzzledom!


Sweet game!!

App is great, ads are not!

This app is great! The variety of puzzle games is great and plenty levels to keep you busy, but...the ads are INCESSANT! I get having a banner ad the whole time, you have to make money somehow, but an ad that hijacks your phone and stops anything else you were listening to from playing every other puzzle is overboard. It takes you out of the experience and ruins the fun.

Great game

A lot of fun in one place.


I got a porn add from this app. It was horrible. There could be little kids who get this app and see porn adds! If parents are reading this make sure your kid doesn't get this app because it has porn included with the app.

This app is amazing!

It’s so useful and challenges your mind. Plus, it has so many levels that you will never run out! There’s so many different things to do in this app, it’s literally amazing, I highly recommend this app to everybody

Amazing app

Very solid app. I love puzzles and I love the fact that the app makes it so easy to get to them. Multiple puzzles in one place is a brilliant idea.

Hopefully minesweeper?

I absolutely love this game! Lots of variety. I really really really hope the devs would put minesweeper as one of the puzzles! I would love that!!!

Great Time-Killer

I absolutely love this game because I always had to find multiple apps for puzzles I like, but this one is an all-in-one! It is absolutely great and highly recommended!

Your game has too many ads

Dear Puzzledom Creators, I am quitting your game if you do not get rid of the unneeded ads that continuously playing! I’m not content with your unlimited ad playing, please remove it or else I’ll complain again! Angry Player, Not Content

Cut down on the ads!

This game has far too many ads! When it gets to where I’m spending more time closing ads than playing the game, something needs to go. Also, when ads open up even when you’ve closed them, that’s not cool.

It’s great

It’s great! It’s easy but not that easy I’d give it a five star!

I wanna play random mode.

Not only I keep playing one kind of puzzle, but I would like to change the puzzle type at random.

Amazing app but…

There are to much pop up adds it’s annoying plz fix this. A person. 👱🏼‍♀️

Does not support iPad landscape view

Disappointed that app does not have a landscape view.

I love this game

I love this gamme I like multiple puzzles

Best game ever

This game is the best because it has multiple games in one app.

I love it

This is the best game ever and I just got it but can you please fix the adds thx good job

Fav new app

I love this app because it is a challenge and I would recommend this game if you like a variety of challenges.

Great variety!

I love the variety of puzzle games to play and every level challenges me. The only thing I would change is having the option to eliminate the games that I don’t play.

Pretty good

It’s pretty good! The only problem is that I think that some directions aren’t really that clear

Best app ever

Omg I love this games

Awesome game😍

This game is really good! I love puzzle games this one is awesome!!!! But the one problem is the adds there are a lot!!!!!!!

Game is Fun

Great game everyone should get

Fun game

Enjoy so far every dame I have played on this app. BUT THE ADS ARE RIDICULOUS. Why so many? They cut in the middle. #overkill 😠

Very good

Keeps me busy when I get bored, now I have something to do when I’m on a 9 hr car ride


Great game to play when you’re bored!

Luck-Based Presents

I really love this game, but there is only one problem. The luck-based presents. For example, if there’s a present that has 50 coins, another one that has 10, and one that has a hint discount. After I’m done with the presents, I’ll play the easiest mini game, but then I will get the present with the hint discount, with is very unlucky, and sometimes I HATE luck. Maybe you guys can change the daily rewards to ACTUAL daily rewards, as the prizes increase as you come back to the game daily. I still love this game.

Fav app evaaaa

It’s sooooo amazing! And so addicting. My only suggestion is (not hat bc I love this app) is more levels. That’s all and I love this app!

Love it

This is soooooo eassssyyyyy

The worst app ever!

I do like the app,but it JUST TOLD MY I AM PITY!

Great game but...

This game is really awesome! You have lots of good puzzles and I totally recommend it. This game is one of the best games that I have found so far because it has all the puzzles in one app so it doesn’t take up much space, whereas with other games you only get one of these games and sometimes these apps are money. Puzzledom is free! I also think it is a great game because if you get stumped on a level than you can get hints for coins and you get more coins for beating levels, unlike other games. Also when you level up you get more puzzles and a lot of times you have never heard of them, like sokoban, colors, and lasers. Overall it is a very good game except for one major problem: the ADS. Almost every time you complete a level you have to watch this stupid ad about some other game! And when you turn off your phone in the middle of a level than when you log back in than you have to see another ad! You can watch ads for more coins but still... ADS! It says you can get rid of all of the ads if you pay $2 but I don’t believe it will get rid of all of them because if you play 10 minutes on puzzledom than you will probably get to see at least 10 ads. Otherwise it’s a great game! I have one more question: can you update the game more often so we can get more games? I have all of them and I would love to see more! Thanks! 😇 -Mango of the rainwings


All of the puzzle games I love are now in one place. Has a lot of ads, but I’m definitely going to buy the ad removal because it’s definitely worth it for this game.


Great Game

5 Star

It is so easy and there are so many gams. But there are some gams that are hard! Those are 2 our 3 star,s.


As a young female I got addicted to this game since the first time I opened the app. A great variety of games and truly recommend to any person who loves puzzles!

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